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What We Do

Rainmaker uses time tested techniques, and highly trained members of the Rainmaker marketing team to achieve our client’s goals in forum posting, blog posting, product review submission, moderation, reputation repair and research services.

Awareness/Perception and Marketing.

Together with our clients, we craft the messages that we deliver to the On-Line communities and Social Media, and determine the best sites to deliver these messages to. After that, our market teams work with the on-line communities to deliver the messages, tracks the ROI and feed back to the client all the marketing data and information gathered from the communities.

The delivery mechanisms are hands-on with different levels of engagement - deep engagement to bulk forum posting and blog posting.


We help our clients achieve marketing ROI in ways that their competition are not able to realize:

By increasing their awareness of what their potential and current customers think/feel, and then pro-actively shaping those perceptions.


We help create the social media marketing message by listening to these communities and talking with them as a 3rd party - gaining understand of the ever-changing market.


With Specialized forum and blog campaigns as well as bulk forum and blog posting, we are able to have conversations with large numbers of potential and current customers, and determine their needs and wants and help our clients become aware of these perceptions.

We help clients cultivate and secure new customers.