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With our specialized forum posting, blog posting, product review, moderation, reputation repair and research services, we are able to have deep and impactful conversations with many potential and current customers. Conversations that present a call to sell, product and service information, change of perception and the ability to influence buying and branding choices of potential customers.

We can offer deep and impactful Social Media Marketing campaigns because we are people... people skilled at getting the most out of the On-line Communities and Social Media sites such as forums and blogs, as well as other platforms.


We are real live people (most are still breathing and drinking lots of coffee), and so we are able to deliver custom and ever changing messages to the on-line communities and social media sites and measure their effectiveness at penetrating and shaping the marketing perception.


We feel that on-line community and social media marketing needs a "hands-on-approach" in order to achieve any real ROI - remember these communities are just large groups of people. People who like to talk to others, and who like sharing information.

We don’t use robots or other non-thinking/non-feeling software applications that insert a pre-packaged messages on various websites and in mailboxes.


We provide services that really only can be done by people - people who understand the communities that they are to have conversations with, and the companies and products that we work with as our clients.

We help our clients cultivate and secure new customers.