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Forum posting and Blog Posting is one of the main tools we use for our Social Media marketing campaigns, and is one of the things that makes Rainmaker MArketing unique in the Internet Marketing space. On-line communities and Social Media are Internet sites that allow visitors the ability to communicate with groups and individuals, and exchange information with others who share their interests. Examples of on-line communities and Social Media are Blogs, Chat Rooms, Forums, News sites with article comments and user product and service review sites.

A Social Media Marketing campaign involves our Rainmaker staff researching the best targets, working with our clients to craft the messages, providing feedback and develop response strategies for the information we discover when working with these communities.

For forums and blogs, we specialize in targeted and personal campaign focusing on impact - but we also offer the best rates on bulk forum posting and blog posting, using many of our proprietary methods developed for our more specialized campaigns in a bulk forum posting and blog posting platforms.


One of the hardest things to do is start and maintain a conversation with a small group. When a client starts a new site, blog or forum, our team can help to introduce new content, conversations and build energy and activity.

We have a special low cost forum start-up package specifically tailored to generating relevant content and combining that with a related posting strategy to help you quickly build a forum with a valuable user base.


Our team of Moderation experts can moderate forums and community postings to insure that the forum or community rules are followed by the members. Moderators approve or patrol/delete spam, obscene posts and flaming (abusive) posts - resulting in a positive and productive community. We are able to provide any level of forum or community moderation required, at a cost that fits any budget.


Reputation repair is a unique service that we provide, in which we research all posted comments, reviews and posts related to a person, company, product or service, and post content that corrects damaging content, as well as work with sites in which incorrect, misleading or simply untrue content has been placed - in order to have it removed or corrected.


Our experts work with our clients to develop product and service reviews, which are then posted on various product and service review sites, providing insightful and detailed talking points that might not be highlighted in typical user reviews.


One of the most important services is to read and research the current perceptions and thoughts of the on-line communities about a clients products and services, and feed this information back to the client in a format that allows the client to be able to integrate this information in their marketing and product development.

We help clients cultivate and secure new customers. Our Staff are experienced on-line community participants, who work with our clients to help them gain increased awareness of the market.